Unique in Montreal, Brave Design is an award-winning team of lighting  professionals. Passionate about light and its impact on spaces, Brave Design offers their services to interior designers and architects looking for a customized approach to lighting.

Great lighting design is about contrast, emphasis, framing, movement and change. It balances daylight and electric light, is adjustable from day to sunset to night and animates a variety of three-dimensional visual experiences.

Working backward from the space to the fixtures, we determine how light should be put on surfaces (direction, amount, quality, variation) and then determine where light should come from. The varying levels of daylight and electric lighting are balanced to control glare and gloom and to achieve excellent functional visibility.

We design or select fixtures for how they control light and brightness in conformance to LEED and the latest codes. The control of windows, skylights and surface reflectances is an equally important design activity. Our work is thus a custom design process and we are able to select or design and fabricate the exact fixtures required.


  1. Project lighting design concepts including interior and exterior lighting;

  1. Office and workplace environments including ergonomic factors;

  1. Special installation fixtures for areas such as bar features and entry areas;

  1. Display and exhibition lighting;

  1. Daylight design including control of sun patterns and shading;

  1. Furniture and signage;

  1. Environmental analysis including conformance to LEED, Energy star and other objectives.